How to Turn Mini Christmas Tree Ornaments into Holiday Jewelry
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How to Turn Mini Christmas Tree Ornaments into Holiday Jewelry

Turning mini Christmas ornaments into holiday jewelry is a fun way to make fast gifts for a group. They are economical, practical and make good Christmas gifts for groups or individuals.

No holiday craft is faster or less expensive than learning how to turn mini Christmas tree ornaments into holiday jewelry. These are perfect for group gifts. They work well for classrooms, Sunday School classes or for small office presents.

Almost any mini Christmas tree ornaments can be turned into holiday jewelry. You can make bracelets, earrings or pins. Once you have a few basic supplies gathered the rest is easy.

The instructions below outline what materials you need. Chances are that if you love craft you’ll have at least some of the supplies on hand. If you don’t, you should be able to pick everything up by making one run to the craft store.

Although these directions are on how to turn mini Christmas tree ornaments into holiday jewelry; that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t apply to other seasons too. Almost any small holiday item can be used. Small pumpkin figures make great Halloween pins. Tiny Easter egg ornaments for trees work well in the spring.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating the jewelry. Once your supplies are gathered you’ll be able to create fun whimsical items in no time.

Here’s how to turn mini Christmas ornaments into holiday pins.


1” mini ornaments with flat backs

Half inch pin backs (one per ornament)

E-6000 glue or similar brand


Newspaper to protect your table surface

Needle nose pliers

Small piece of aluminum foil


1. Spread the newspapers out to protect your work area from pin scratches and stray glue.

2. Line up the ornaments and pin backs to be sure you have enough of each.

3. Removing the loop can make your finished item look more like a pin and less like a mini Christmas ornament that you’ve made into jewelry. Some people may prefer to leave the loop on the item. Either way is fine. If you do want to remove it taking it off is easy. Grasp the string firmly with your needle nose pliers. It will usually pull out easily.

4. The glue will stick to the back of the ornament better if the texture is rough. If it is smooth, you can take the point of the pliers and scratch the surface several times until it is rough enough for the glue to adhere.

5. Put a dot of glue onto the small piece of aluminum foil. Apply a line of glue to the back of the ornament with a toothpick. Open a pin back and press it firmly into the wet glue. The glue should be thick enough that glue comes through the holes in the pin back without gluing the pin back latch closed. Use a clean toothpick to smooth the glue on the inside of the pin back before it dries.

6. Test the pin back when the glue has set for about 1 hour. It should hold firmly to the ornament. If not, remove from the ornament and repeat the above steps to try again.

7. When you turn mini Christmas ornaments into holiday jewelry it’s important to give the pin backs plenty of time to try before wrapping. It can take 24 hours for the glue to fully cure.

8. The pin should be ready to wrap in 24 hours. Use a pretty box or wrap in a pouch made from wrapping paper. They also make great gift tags

To make earrings:

Follow the procedure outlined above. The difference is to buy earring posts with large backs instead of pin backs. You will also need to use ornaments that match or are mirror images of each other.

To create, prepare the back of the ornaments the same way. Apply a generous amount of glue to the back of the magnet. Press the earring back firmly into the glue. Check after 1 hour. As with the pins, these are ready to be packaged in 24 hours.

The photo below shows the position of a pin back onto a holiday pin. The front of an identical pin is shown next to it. These are each 1 inch in diameter. 

It only takes a few minutes to make either pins, earrings or a set of both. They are fun and economical. Don’t forget to think about yourself when learning how to turn mini Christmas ornaments into holiday jewelry. You may want to make a set for yourself before they all get away.

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