Making a Wire Wrapped Pendant
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Making a Wire Wrapped Pendant

Making a wire wrapped pendant is a great way to show off your creative skills or to use as gift ideas. Wire wrapped pendants are very affordable and easy to make.

Pendants are neat to wear around your neck strung on a necklace. Instead of simply having the pendant on a chain, you can wire wrap the pendant to give it a more unique look. Wire wrapping is a neat hobby that can personalize and simply add character to your jewelry.

The first thing you need to do is gather the materials that you need. The pendent, your chain, several dozen seed beads, a wire cutter and wire are the most important materials. Using a 20-25 gauge wire works the best for wrapping pendants however, you can use up to a 28 gauge wire when wrapping pendants.

Start by stringing your pendent on your wire after you have cut it down to size. Keep the wire about 5 times the length of the pendant on each side.

Now you can make a coil. You can do this by cutting another wire which is three times the size of your first wire and start coiling it around the first wire by twisting. It is best to start at one end of your wire and work your way to the other end, skipping around the pendant.

Next, you will want to bring the two ends together just below the pendant. Add as many seed beads as you would like to create a unique look. Bring the two ends together and twist them so they are secure.

Lastly, you can add your final layer of wire. Cut another wire about the same size as your first one. With this wire you can add more seed beads on it, making the most outer layer unique. After you have wrapped the ends around bring the two points up to where your others wires meet. You can secure all of the ends by twisting them, adding a few seed beads or adding one medium sized bead. You have now created a wire wrapped pendant in which you can wear out showing off your own creativity.

The twisted coil is the easiest method when learning how to wire wrap a pendant. Feel free to add your own version to this tutorial so you can have a unique style that fits your personality. Wire wrapped pendants are great gift ideas for your sisters, mother, grandmother or best friend. They will not only appreciate the beauty in the wire wrapped pendant but they will also appreciate the time and quality spent on their gift.

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