Making Waxed Cord Jewelry
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Making Waxed Cord Jewelry

Making Waxed cord jewellery How to make a waxed cord bead necklace

Waxed cotton cord is excellent for professional jewellery making as it is easily knotted and braided just like hemp with a clean look and feel.

Round waxed cords are basically cotton braided cord with round or oval cross sections. Various strands of cotton yarn which have different counts in sheath and core are braided together to give lateral stability. The braided cords are then processed in AZO free chemicals to give it the aesthetic look of leather.

This is the strongest and most durable cord you can buy to string beads and it comes in a variety of colours. You should choose a colour to match or complement the beads and the higher the millimetre number the thicker the cord.

Bead necklaces and bracelets do not take long to make and look great in the summer with a pretty cotton frock.

How to Make a Waxed Cord Bead Necklace.


Selection of beads

1mm waxed cotton cord


Jeweller's need-nosed pliers

Jump Ring

Bead stop

2 Spring ends



  1. Lay out the beads in the order you want them on your necklace
  2. Measure your neck and cut the waxed cord to the length you want. Do not forget if you are making a choker to add extra length for the thickness of the beads, otherwise it will be too tight. You also need to allow for the clasp and jump ring.
  3. Put the bead stop on the cord to stop the beads falling off as you thread them.
  4. Start threading the beads in the order they are laid out.
  5. Put a spring end at each end of the cord squeezing the bottom with the pliers to ensure it remains firm.
  6. Attach the clasp to the loop at the end of the spring end and attach the jump ring to the other spring end. Again make sure the ends are fully secure so they cannot come off.

Your necklace is now ready to wear.  The jewellery is quick and easy to make so you can make one for each colour scheme. You can also make wrist and ankle bracelets in the same way.

Waxed cord is not unattractive and you will often see it in modern jewellery shops with all sorts of pendants on it. There is no reason why you cannot make a necklace by the method above and just put one item

  • A single pearl
  • A jewelled or pewter cross
  • A Swarovski crystal bead

At craft shops you can also buy silver or gold-plated bracelet attachments with rings at the side that you can attach to the cord to make a choker necklace or bracelet. The method is the same as above without threading a number of beads.

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